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Fresh air ventilation systems

Have you ever considered the air quality around us?

What we can do for you, and why Choose InAir?

  • There is a range of aspects to determine air quality. Oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in the air.
  • Oxygen decrease, and carbon dioxide cause stuffiness in the premises.
  • Content of harmful substances and dust in the air.
  • The high content of dust, tobacco smoke and other substances in the air is detrimental to the human organism and can cause various lung and skin diseases.
  • Odours/bad smell causes discomfort and irritates air humidity.
  • Too high or low moisture makes us feel uncomfortable and even may provoke acute disease attacks for sick people.
  • We are partnered with InAir, India – a brand that provides an extensive range of ventilation and air purification systems suitable for both homes and offices. 
  • Our ventilation and air purification units feature HEPA filters which capture 99.97% of airborne allergens, including; pollen, mould spores, dust, pet dander, microbes and smoke.
  • With its new innovative range of products, INAIR aims to fill every indoor space with high-quality fresh air and low energy consumption.
  • Backed by brands like Renson and Komfovent, INAIR focuses on creating fresh air solutions for home and healthy indoor environments.