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Access Control Systems

  • An access control system determines who may enter/exit, where they are allowed to exit/enter, and when they are allowed to enter/exit.
  • iTech Auta Solutions can design and implement different access control systems based on solutions from multiple vendors.
  • We can implement simple standalone card readers up to a complicated networked solution.
  • A full package comprises of access cards, biometric readers, facial recognition, proximity readers, door controllers, long range readers, RFIDs, RF tags, touch key pads, CCTV or barrier integration with turnstiles, road blockers and sensors.
  • We customise solutions based on the size of organisations, as the importance of managing access to any premises cannot be over-emphasised.
  • Expandability is the key word of our Access Control System. We can easily extend coverage area and controls if need arise for any future expansion.
  • With virtually no-fall-out from your existing system, you can add on readers or controllers to upgrade your system with simplicity and ease as never before.
  • We design our solutions based on the understanding that every organisation operates differently, and each has individual needs and requirements.
Access gateways for corporates or commercial centres
Intercom and finger/face identification systems