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Closed-circuit Television

  • iTech Auta Solutions have extensive experience in designing and installation of different closed-circuit television (CCTV) security surveillance solutions.
  • We carefully assess our clients’ requirements and then design, install and maintain cost-effective security systems that exceed expectations.
  • Vigilance systems provide a sense of security to the property owners as they allow people to keep a watch over the property from remote location.
  • The latest cameras allow you to set up an intruder alarm, making it easier to take action and call authorities in case of a burglary attempt. Brand: Bosch, CPplus, Dahua.
  • We have successfully implemented CCTV systems for large and small enterprises from brands Bosch, CPplus, Dahua, HIK Vision, Samsung, etc.
  • The sight of CCTV cameras is effective in discouraging thieves and burglars as they are the perfect deterrents.
  • Be it analogy or IP-based solutions, these systems also provide evidence in case there is some criminal activity.
  • Furthermore, these systems can now manage location capacity and share in store analytics on floor traffic.