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Building Management System

  • BMS systems are “Intelligent” microprocessor-based controller networks installed to monitor and control buildings technical systems and services for an improved tenant comfort condition.
  • These systems link the functionality of individual pieces of building equipment such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and hydraulics, so they operate as one complete integrated system for premises.
  • Technology has enabled the direct integration of these systems to other building services such as security, access control, CCTV, fire, lifts and other life saving systems.
  • Current generation BMS systems are based on open communications protocols and are web-enabled. This allows integration of systems from multiple system-vendors and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • The primary function of the BMS is the control of buildings Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) including: Air Handling Units, Chilled Water Plant, Cooling Towers, Tenant Condenser Water, Heating Water Plant, Exhaust Systems, Zone Controls, Computer Room AC.
  • The Day to Day Role of the BMS include:
  1. Control of Building Systems and Services
  2. Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  3. Real Time Monitoring of Building Operation and Performance
  4. Trending and Logging of Building Operation and Performance
  5. Time Scheduling of Building Systems
  6. Fault Management and Alarming
  7. Control Application Programming
  8. User Event Management
  9. Energy Management and Reporting (NABERS)