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Paperless Conference System

  • It’s true that COVID is changing the way that people work—for businesses that see the importance of preserving office space, we are here to setup the best conference rooms experience that facilitate smooth interactions between the people within it.
  • Our intelligent interactive paperless conference system is customised for hotels and large enterprises. Everything in a well-designed conference room should be intuitive to use, and yes, we’re talking about the technology and equipment in there.

Fully Digital WIFI Conference System Controller
Paperless intelligent streaming media server
Paperless intelligent streaming media server software
Paperless multimedia conference management controller
Paperless multimedia conference management software
Paperless interactive multimedia conference terminal
Paperless interactive multimedia conference terminal software
Paperless ultra-thin 15.6″ capacitive LCD screen integrated lifter, with microphone
10 Meters conference extended cable
HD video conference camera,18X, full HD, high performance, wide viewing angle, ultra-Zoom support

Key equipment list for a modern conference room management
  • Apart from your standard TV screen for projecting presentations, a robust video and audio system designed specifically for business-grade video meetings is important. For instance, a camera that supports a wide, 120-degree view of everyone in the room makes virtual meetings that much easier to follow for remote attendees. 
  • Our systems provide powerful conference application functions, including: conference information uploading, document distribution, reading, document notification, conference attendance, voting, electronic whiteboard, interactive document transmission, video interactive transmission, conference communication, message notification, conference service, conference records, and etc.