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Incinerator & Waste Management Systems

  • We have an apt solution to handle general waste from community or household activities (municipal, domestic or camp waste) or from industrial activities (manufacturing, mining or agricultural).
  • The problem of waste accumulation worldwide is reaching threatening proportions. Landfill options are showing more and more weaknesses and are becoming extremely expensive.
  • Incineration is the most obvious solution for total destruction of municipal waste, avoiding all the direct and indirect risks associated with other disposal methods.
  • Incineration perfectly fits into a trend of treating waste in a safe way, and if possible, at the same place where it was generated to avoid cross-contamination risk and to keep waste treatment costs at an acceptable level.
  • iTech Auta Solutions can produce incinerators of any size/capacity suitable to our client needs.
  • The best feature of our product is that our machines do not require fuel or electricity consumption to operate.
  • To date, we have manufactured and delivered incinerators to various locations within Kerala for capacities ranging from 25kg to 100kg.
  • Our experts are capable of manufacturing higher capacity incinerators and have also considered particle filtration mechanisms to eliminate waste/fume from dispersing into the atmosphere.