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Centralised Vacuum Systems

  • We are the authorised dealer for DrainVac India, and as the name indicates, we install this premium brand comprising a central suction/filtering unit and multiple valves for vacuuming suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Many different filtration systems are adapted in these vacuum systems with the benefit of direct disposal of dirt and debris into outdoor vents or the sewers, reducing human intervention.
  • Studies indicate that people’s mood and productivity depend on the air quality that they breath-in. Hence, it is essential to retain fresh air in spaces to avoid long term health issues such as stress, lung disorder, allergies, etc.
  • Central Vacuum Systems make the tedious task of cleaning you are indoors much more accessible, quicker and cleaner; moreover, this zero-noise cleaning product eliminates the inconvenience of hauling around the house.

  • Certain pollutants or debris can clog up ventilation systems or accumulate on ducts slowly leeching into the inside atmosphere. By installing a centralised vacuum system, you can clean up the indoor air and that too from hard to reach places.
  • The systems are loaded with beneficial cleaning solutions like humongous dust-storage canisters, rust-proof galvanised steel components, super accessible vacuum heads, and much more, giving homeowners and maintenance crew a big reason to choose a central vacuum system over a portable one.
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DrainVac offers some of the largest canisters available for central vacuum systems.