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Card Key Solutions

  • When it comes to keyless access control, there are many options to choose from. Electronic keycard systems are a convenient way to get your employees in and out of their offices with ease and security.
  • A door access cardkey system provides peace of mind by controlling who can enter the building and when.
  • Cardkey access control systems need three main components in order to function: a security card for doors, a card reader for doors, and an electronic keycard door lock.
  • Access can be configured or reconfigured easily for individual credentials with keycard entry system, such as if a card is lost or stolen. 
  • Each person can be issued their own physical credential, which provides better security than a traditional key that everyone has a copy of. 
  • Keycards, RFID badges and key fobs are often small and can easily fit into a wallet or pocket, which is more convenient for employees to carry around than a key ring.
  • There are three most common types of keycards and fobs for access control: Wiegand keycards, Swipe keycards, Proximity cards, RFID cards, and RFID fobs.
  • Whether you are looking to upgrade your locking system or you are building a new facility, we have the ideal solution.

Keycard upgrade solution
Keycard upgrade solution to state-of-the-art access control systems
access control using cardkey
Untouchable access control using cardkey

Wiegand Card – Data stored on polarised magnetic wires
Magnetic Stripe Card for access control
Magnetic Stripe Card – Data stored and read on magnetised strip
RFID Card – coiled wires send radio data when powered by a reader