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Structured Cabling

  • iTech Auta Solutions is a full-service network cabling provider with the resource to design and connect network supported devices, transfer data and information between switched, routers, data storage, IP phones, etc.
  • We engage in cable laying, installation of the connector—faceplates, network cabinets and testing of cables. Voice cabling and Data cabling are the significant elements of your network.
  • Depending on the requirement, cables can be unshielded twisted pair (UTP), screened (foil) unshielded twisted pair (F/UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP), or multi-mode or single mode fiber optics.
  • The most used network cable types are twisted pair cable. We use this for connectivity in many ethernet networks.
  • We use fiber optic cabling where high bandwidth is needed, or the length of the cable required for connectivity is more than UTP cable can handle. Fiber optic cabling is available in single mode and multi-mode forms.
  • SFTP cables are copper cables more appropriate for network wiring in buildings which are subjected to high electrical interference or frequent radio transmissions.
  • UTP Data Cabling prevents alien crosstalk through a cable shield. The design of these screened data cables resists deformation and allows less restrictive installation practices.